Love, in the times of paranoia

Our love pulses between us like a living being.

It shimmers brighter when you hold me tight

And dissolves into a puddle when you kiss me thoroughly…

It follows me everywhere; to work, to play…

It holds on to me tight when I try to slip away!

It curls into a little ball of fear when I don’t hear from you

And laughs at your silly jokes that no one else will get

It snuggles into bed with me and dreams if you

And calms me down when I have bad dreams

It sings to me songs you love

It flails about madly when separated from you

It follows you to the end of the world

And reminds me everyday that you are in me and I am in you and nothing and no one can take that away…



The rain patters on the window pane as I kiss you slowly and languidly till there is no you and I.

Your scent mingles with mine as you thread your fingers through my hair and nibble on my skin

We snuggle under the blanket unable to bear the separation of skin from skin and touch and kiss and play until the game becomes too serious to ignore

Making love slowly and then faster as you claim my body and fill my heart like no one else ever can…

We snooze,and chat and make love again making the most of a lazy,rainy day

Stolen moments

Precious stolen moments;

Different times, different places;

Yet fragments of time that stand still, locked in a dream;

Where no one else exists and time has no meaning other than;

Two bodies entwined in sleep unable to bear being parted;

Making love , hot and fast and slow and lazy over and over again;

The brush of your hand on my bare skin and a season of kisses…

Kisses of passion, of love;of possession; of sleepy wake-ups ; reassuring nights;of promises; of heartache; of hope…


The day drags interminably…

Though outwardly filled with work, meetings, conversations and deadlines…

In my heart exists a parallel universe that watches and waits

For a call, a text, a kiss

To know I am on your mind as well

And daydreams plague you as well

Of days when we could work and play together…

Another rendezvous

Some stolen moments of joy!

Some tears of exasperation;

Some cries of passion as he possesses me ;

Some moments of peace,holding hands and hearts together;

Some tears of pain, as separation approaches;

Some laughter, wrapped in each other’s arms to jokes no one else would get;

Some dreams, of a future that is not so hard;

Some memories, in the Kaleidoscope of life;

Some lines, etched in the chapter of my heart;

Some fears, that needed your scent;

Some love, that tests the patience;

Some words, to ease the pain…

Counting the days till I see you again!

Little fires

The embers of my heart glow with longing;

Waiting for the sound of your voice to bank the fire;

It fights the harsh wind of loneliness

And threatens to die out when doused with my tears;

You nibble on my neck and it rises as a volcano consuming everything I have to give you;

As I light up with love and longing fueled by your bare skin on mine;

Pulsing to you moving inside me ;

Until my world lights up with completeness

My heart’s wish

Untethered I wander in my endless search

for a steady heart that draws me in every single time;

that keeps me calm, yet gives me wings ;

Where I may lie unafraid on the solid bedrock of friendship and sleep fearlessly knowing I am loved.