The road meanders; I think I’m lost;

I refuse to change my path, whatever the cost;

In search of that which eludes my reach;

And sucks my happiness bit by bit like a leech;

In the desert of my life, I saw a mirage that I chase

A look of love within his gaze;

A song that only we could hear;

Joy shining bright, no cause for fear;

I stumble forward in the wake of a dream;

As things are never as they seem.


You are everything

Standing on the precipice of fear

I am poised to jump into nothingness;

The abyss calls out;

It shows me my worst fears;

I hear your voice and stumble into your arms;

Finding my center again, I breathe in the scent that is you;

The world stops swaying; you are my world


My soul fire calls to yours my love;

When you are near, it shines bright and lights up the world;

When you are away, it dims but it always flickers in the hope of your embrace;

When you are away, it consumes me bit by bit until I fear I may go under;

Then I hear the love in your voice and it spirals into the sky with longing;

Come soon my love; my soul fire feeds on yours;

Let go

When there’s nothing to hold on to, it’s time to let go;

No point in stretching the pain out slow;

No resolution will occur if you just go with the flow;

There will be no highs if you stay in the lows!

The scent of you

I smell your t shirt;

I wear it to sleep..

I hold it when it hurts ;

And rock it and weep;

It brings back moments of love and of joy

When times were simpler and a girl loved a boy

Of nights full of passion and the touch of your skin;

Of days full of wonder, waking up to the stubble on your chin;

I dream of the music and the nonsense talking;

Of sharing our hearts, in the rain while we’re walking;

Of stolen kisses in taxis and anyplace we could find;

Of serious conversation, picking each other’s mind;

Of sleeping curled into you, your breath on my skin;

Feeling complete amidst the chaos and the din

I smell your T-shirt ; I try to hold on;

To days and to feelings after you’re long gone

Once Upon a time…

Once upon a time, thus always began the story
A cute boy met a pretty girl and all was hunky dory
Their love was oh-so-magical ; their life was oh-so- flowery
They lived happily ever after and they were never sorry…

The little girls who read this , they waited in vain
For a prince in the real world , to rescue them from pain
The jokers they really met never seemed quite sane
So they waited and they waited ….to become Cinderella from a plain jane.